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What if Marcion's canon-which consisted only of Luke's Gospel and Paul's letters, entirely omitting the Old Testament-had become Christianity's canon? Bart Ehrman (The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture), a professor of religion at UNC Chapel Hill, offers answers to these and other questions in this book, which rehearses the now-familiar story of the tremendous diversity of early Christianity and its eventual suppression by a powerful "proto-orthodox" faction.

2014-2015 Schedule of
Speaking Engagements
by Bart D. Ehrman

Dr. Ehrman is much sought after as a speaker for colleges, universities, divinity schools, civic groups, and religious organizations of all kinds. For his speaking fees and scheduling possibilities, please contact him directly, at:

October 3
Los Angeles
California State Northridge
Oct. 10-11
Cedar Falls, Iowa
How Jesus Became God
University of
North Iowa
Oct. 24-26
Queensbury, NY
Harrisena Community Church
November 6
Roanoke, VA
Hollins College
November 21
San Diego, CA
Are the Gospels Based on
Eyewitness Testimonies?
Biblical Archaeology Society
January 17-25
Caribbean (cruise!)
How Jesus Became God
Biblical Archaeology Society
February 6-7
Chapel Hill, NC
The Lost Gospels
Program in the Humanities
February 20-22
Wichita, KS
Plymouth Congregational Church
March 21
Washington, DC
Controversies in Early Christianity
Smithsonian Institution
June 2-21
Turkey (Tour)
Early Christianity in the Mediterranean
UNC General
Alumni Assoc.


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